No showdown



No showdown

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======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Longer Obedient Comment: What does the background mean
Going forward, Yu Sheng, I hope you dont go to climb the silence and rejoice. Brother B except for the long ugliness, fish said nothing.Actually, people are not so ugly.
Quiet and far away Comment: Beautiful.
Zheng Xiangwei Comment: Very good
Its so beautiful when you smile. Comment: Haha, its time for a showdown.
Seeking a good red dragon
The correct method of changing water for red arowana
How to change water for raising arowana@
Can dragon fish die by changing water directly:
How long will it take to change the water?
Arowana hasn"t changed water for 2 months*
Can you keep arowana without changing water!
How can dragon fish fade——


What do you feed your aro?

Malaysian gunboat goes missing with seve

High grade BD leo female 7 $900

Canon S90 PS



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    Can the ingot fish live at 18 degrees water temperature?: