Expert consultation



Expert consultation

Initially gave Luo Han, I bought this fish. I have been climbing the cylinder in the past few months. I have taken some treatment measures. I havent improved it. Now my stomach is flat.Expert consultation Leopoldi Variant stingray ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet

  = (Xianglong Agricultural Group Fish Friends Review) =

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   The fish used in the sandbags is not treated, and the new one is purchased directly.
Fish friends childhood, paper plane


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Fish friend parrot hundred years old mountain


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Fish friends


Expert consultation Leopoldi Variant stingray ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet


  I dont think of angry, the parrot is a hundred years old.

  . Fish than fish, mad fish
What is the best time to feed arowana%
Do red arowana need to be fed every day$
When is silver arowana best to feed(
Arowana changes water every few days#
Arowana is fed slowly several times a day~
The red dragon feeds fast*
How often do dragon fish feed cockroaches"
How often to change the water for arowana



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