Cichlidae Palpable fish



Cichlidae Palpable fish

Cichlidae Palpable fish High-back Arowana

   1.2*0.7 Cylinder side filter 0.2. It still feels small.The two big sections have been raised for two years and are relatively close to each other, and they can still be touched. The remaining two have been raised for almost a year, and they still feel unrelated.This tea is also real water, and its too timid.Fish dishes are not very good, but after spending so much time with me, I still prefer it.========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Dry Mountain qq Yuyou said: Beautiful, praise one.
Yu Yue Xingfei Yuyou said: beautiful
Tian Ji Fei Yun is well-cultivated
13470365601 Yuyou said: You can try it with hunger, and you have to keep walking in front of the fish tank every day.
Love the butterfly Yu Yu said: Big Mac
When I first entered the Koi Lake, Yuyou said: The two sections of the yuan that were spent in the flower and bird market were almost 20 centimeters at that time. I felt the truth.
What size aquarium is needed to raise silver arowana:
One meter 8 aquarium arowana mixed culture Video\
80 aquarium raising arowana video
What size aquarium is suitable for silver arowana,
The brand of dragon fish tank is good!
What size aquarium does the silver arowana need?
How big is the aquarium for raising red arowana*
Fish tank requirements for raising Arowana+


just my simple shrimp tank

Im glad to have an ugly goldie

Is 10mm glass strong enough to support 5




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