Flowerhorn Fish Help me see if this is overdone?



flowerhorn fish Help me see if this is overdone?

Flowerhorn Fish Help me see if this is overdone? High-back ArowanaGreat gods help see if this is over
======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====
Wild boar haha said: increase the ceiling light time
Zuge said: a little strenuous
Spacefish said:
The mouse that fell into the rice tank said: No
Zuge said: currently not
Cover your fart and tell you: count B
Kindergarten graduates said: currently not over
Amo said: slowly raise it, the landlord.
A Gods left hand said: The video is not, I cant see the performance
ВанЦзяНь said: grow up to know

  just got it

  > I knew
Is it better to feed the arowana or live fish?!
What is the staple food of Arowana.
One meter eight fish tank can keep several dragon fish/
Arowana feeding Rana okay?%
Feed arowana live loach, okay?*
What kind of live food do dragon fish eat?&
Can arowana enteritis be alright?"
Can Arowana eat raw beef)


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k1 Biobaltiger zool Sump

Alligator gar Arapima RTC in a 20 gallo

Testing my red aro grooming skills :p

arowana stores in van


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