Thinking about the amount of Cody in the new cylinder



Thinking about the amount of Cody in the new cylinder

I am a novice. During the learning process of Longding, I have read many posts about the new cylinder, and also read many related posts about Kodi nitrifying bacteria used by tigers and other experts. I have always been confused about the amount and usage of Cody.Then I use Baidu browser (usually use360) Before logging in to Codys official website for enquiries, and found no satisfactory answer.Recently, Yuyou opened a new one-time cylinder 20Cody (BioDigest) Nitrifying bacteria. As a result, the fish did not enter the tank, and the tank water became cloudy.This situation prompted me to check the information again, digest myself and think, and then post my knowledge here. I hope that the old driver and the novice friends will discuss and criticize and correct.It is common for nitrifying bacteria to be used to open the tank. How to use the correct method and the correct dosage will have the best effect.
The following is quoted from the official website of Kodi (black font):
-Understand our range-
Nano range: aquarium from 0 to 120 liters
Standard range: aquarium from 120 to 1 000 liter
Pro range: aquarium from 1 000 liters to more
(Youdao translation)-Understand our scope
Nanometer range:aquariumFrom0To120Rise
Standard range:aquariumFrom120To1 000Rise
Professional scope:aquariumFrom1 000RiseTo bigger


This text explains that Cody nitrifying bacteria has three products, namelyNano(Nano),Standard(standard),Pro(Professional), the main entry into the country is the standard version (now there are a fewProVersion).


BIODIGEST is particularly effective in the first two weeks. The speed at which the bacteria develop differs from one strain to another.

  BIODIGEST guarantees optimal purification proportions for a fortnight. If you want to speed up the purification process, you should not increase doses but instead should use the product more frequently.

(Youdao translation)In the first two weeksBIODIGESTEspecially effective.From a(bacterial)to another onebacterialofThe training speed is different.
BIODIGESTEnsure the best purification ratio for two weeks.If you want to speed up the purification process,You should not increase the dose,antiInstead, the product should be used more frequently.
It is the last underlined sentence that causes doubts and problems.


Lets look at the promotion of the business again:


Thinking about the amount of Cody in the new cylinder Blue Dragon Fish ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet


Thinking about the amount of Cody in the new cylinder Blue Dragon Fish ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet
How much to add when opening the cylinder?Said before1support/64L, The merchant suggested200X70X70cm fish tank(Count800L)plus4support.The amount of maintenance period has been made very clear, but this4Is it the amount of opening cylinder or the amount of maintenance?


Lets take a closer look at the promotional photos:1For vials120to1000Liters of water.


We are all grown-ups, and its okay to spend money as a big deal.For example: People who have a cold have a proprietary Chinese medicine granules, and they drink it once1Bag, I want to suppress it once2Bag, did anyone drink it at once10package,20Packaged?why?There is a cycle for the cure of colds, which cannot be solved with one-time medication.thatBioDigestWhat?
Some scholars(Such asShilo and Rimon,1982;Belse,1984.) The growth and reproduction speed of the nitrifying bacteria in the breeding pond have been measured.26Only one hour can multiply, and the cycle of nitrate bacteria reproduction is longer, it takes an average60Hours can double.Initial openingWater bodyNoEnough ammonia nitrogenEtc.How can nitrifying bacteria multiply quickly and in large numbers?Everyone knows that the nitrifying bacteria are mainly composed of N. nitrite and Nitrobacter. The initial use of Cody is firstly caused by the nitrite bacteria. NO2 accumulated in water,The concentration of nitrous acid temporarily increases suddenlyElephant (NO2 to NO3 is slower).Some experts have tested, high temperature (30) Without light,NH3 turnNO2time cost4day.Imagine that you just put a lot of Cody at the same time you put the fish in the tank,NO2How high will it be?The fish broke into the wrong tank!Like youBring Ailong into the tank.So far, back to the beginning, a lot of Cody was used, and the fish hadnt been released yet. The water quality became turbid. What substance caused the turbidity?Unnecessary, useless, and unable to grow into effective nitrifying bacteria!
Residual chlorine in water can inhibit the implantation and growth of nitrifying bacteria.In terms of environmental factors, the most important factors affecting nitrifying bacteria are light,pHValue and temperature changes, they can only grow and multiply in appropriate environmental factors, if these factors change beyond their tolerable range, it is easy to be injured, and in serious cases, it will cause death.
Nitrifying bacteria are not drugs, onceNitrification systemAfter stabilization, as long as the environment does not change drastically(If putCurative medicine,Fungicides,Unreasonable cleaning mediaOr pour boiling water), You can continue to breed for a long time, no need to add.
Codys other supporting products (not advertisements, explained later):


Thinking about the amount of Cody in the new cylinder Blue Dragon Fish ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The5sheet


Thinking about the amount of Cody in the new cylinder Blue Dragon Fish ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The7sheetThinking about the amount of Cody in the new cylinder Blue Dragon Fish ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The8sheet


to sum up: Use the opening method of Kodi (other stabilizers, nitrifying bacteria) for the same reason:
The first step: After the cylinder is cleaned, open the cylinder directly to put tap water, and at the same time heat up and oxygen.temperature25~30℃, (The temperature the fish only needs, which is also suitable for the breeding temperature of nitrifying bacteria.) The purpose of oxygen exposure is to remove chlorine and aerobic nitrifying bacteria.If there is a stabilizer, add it at this time to exert the effects of removing chlorine and heavy metals, etc., and start the pump circulation when the water is full;
The second step:12After the hour (the water temperature reaches the previous point, the time to put the stabilizer can be shorter), let go of the tank fish;
Step 3: Add nitrifying bacteria (powder, liquid agent) at the same time. Taking Cody as an example, the amount of water1000LDo not exceed the following4support.Can be added togetherBioTrace(Active fresh water trace elements)Better, can shorten the time for the establishment of nitrification system.Dont scold me, I mean buy a boxBioDigestYes, its better to buy12Support Kit.The exquisite fishermen use it and use it once after opening the tank.Saving money and good results, why not.
onPH, Light:
1,PHValue, nitrifying bacteria inPHThe neutral to weakly alkaline environment has better activity, so we dont have to force it.
2, Light, very important!High temperature matt!In the case of light (referring to the cylinder light source), regardless of low temperature and high temperature, master test10Days laterNH3.(Low temperature and no light,NH3turnNO2Slow, time consuming8day.)
The above point of view quotes many sources and posts of tigers and other fish friends, and expresses its apologies for the misappropriation at the same time!
The novice is talkative, aiming to reason, reason, and raise our love fish scientifically and reasonably!Please pat the bricks and let us know!Thank you!

  = (Comments from Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends) =

  Weicha Say: 1 Learned, wait for master
Yuyou Longer Say: Lets take a look. .
Yuyou u135AEKD6302 Say: 1 A large number of abuses of Cody during the opening period are not as harmless as the merchants add to the amount of periodic system maintenance, but they are very harmful!Because N. eutropha first acts to produce NO2, and the nitrifying bacteria that convert NO2 to NO3 do not multiply well. Not much NO2 will not cause the fish to die. When you release more Cody, a lot ofThe NO2, the death squad has only a dead end.This doesnt count. The garbage caused by a lot of useless Cody makes your air cylinder dream out of reach.
Yuyou Dark Night Emperor Say: 1 Technical stickers
Yuyou13525094018 Say: 1 I used two when I opened the tank
Yuyou u135AEKD6302 Say: Try it again and let the fish friends you need to see.
Yuyou yusiyuanxx Say: 1 top.I didnt put the nitrifying fines when I opened the tank.
Yuyou0 Say: 3 No matter how good the nitrifying bacteria are, it is better to find an old cotton
Yuyou Yuyang Lone Star Say: 4 Can learn to refer to!LZ worked hard!
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