Asian Arowana Nanjing Jiangning promotes agricultural flower classroom to create a beautiful new hom



Asian Arowana Nanjing Jiangning promotes agricultural flower classroom to create a beautiful new home

On the same day, several volunteers from the Nanjing Social Service Service Center provided convenience services such as blood pressure measurement, blood sugar test, haircut, shoe repair, and blind massage to share the new ideas of a harmonious neighborhood.At the service site of Convenient People, the free clinic booth provides blood pressure and blood sugar tests for residents, and publicizes the results of the examination.In the flower cultivation class, the "flower gardener" combined with the common sense of season and temperature, taught small flower maintenance tips such as azalea, hydrangea, rose flowers.The event organizer stated that by using the "beautiful courtyard" creation activity as a carrier, it advocates residents to take active actions to participate in beautifying the environment and beautifying life, creating a unique beautiful courtyard model in Jiangning.(Finish)

  China News Service, Jiangsu News, April 29 (Jin Zhengxiang, Zheng Chuan) assists the construction of beautiful villages, creates a beautiful living environment, and provides caring services for the people in the jurisdiction.Nanjing Social Care Service Work Center carried out warm and convenient services at the Party and Group Service Center of Shuangtang Community, Guli Street, Jiangning District on the 28th, and innovatively launched the "Beautiful Garden Series-Flower Planting Classes" to join hands in creating beautiful homes.
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