Sianlon New breeds Fish Scenic features of Xiamen Underwater World



Sianlon New breeds Fish Scenic features of Xiamen Underwater World

Another unique facility in Xiamen Underwater World is that it is 7 meters high and 2.A 5-meter cylindrical fish pond, this height is equivalent to nearly three floors of buildings. On the steps, you can see the fish activities on the surface and the fish activities on the ground floor.The three-dimensional sense is more obvious.The large cylindrical fish tank mainly displays the colorful coral reef fish in the South my country Sea.

  Xiamen Underwater World opened to the outside world in January 1998.It is located in the original Gulang Park on the west side of Gulangyu Ferry Terminal.

Sianlon New breeds Fish Scenic features of Xiamen Underwater World Tiger-striped Silver Edge Fish

  Xiamens underwater world has new facilities and modern equipment, and the most prominent facility is the underwater tunnel.The undersea tunnel is 80 meters long and 1.5 meters, enter the undersea tunnel, standing on the electric walkway, you can see the concave large fish ponds on both sides.Travelers can enter the underwater world and swim with fish without diving, and see the world of fish in all directions, up and down, and the endless stream of fish is close by, passing by, and the fierce shark with sharp teeth is coming, free自在的慢吞吞的巨大 鱼从头顶飘然而过……,

Tiger-striped Silver Edge Fish


Tiger-striped Silver Edge Fish

Tiger-striped Silver Edge Fish

Sianlon New breeds Fish 群鱼争食,人鱼混为一体的精彩场面,让人赞叹不已。

  Xiamen Underwater World covers 17.5 hectares, with a total construction area of 7,500 square meters.It was built by Singapore Overseas Chinese and Gulangyu Scenic Area Construction Development Company with a total investment of 10 million US dollars.The aquamarine crystal palace building surrounded by flower beds, the first phase of the project has completed the aquarium, penguin and freshwater fish museum.Its entrance is 60 meters away from the main building. There is a uniquely designed octopus sculpture with unique teeth and claws. It is 6 meters high and has a span of 11.2 meters.It is an iconic building of Xiamen Underwater World, and it is also the landscape where tourists take pictures for the first time.

  Xiamen Underwater World was built in cooperation with Singapore Overseas Chinese and Gulangyu Government, with an investment of 10 million US dollars. It has a ground floor and a basement floor with an exhibition area of 5611 square meters and a total of 20 exhibition pools.The first phase exhibits seawater, more than 350 kinds of freshwater rare fishes and more than 10,000 tails. It is a large-scale marine aquarium that integrates ecological protection, marine knowledge, marine aquatic products, science and education, and sightseeing.
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