Aquarium Mad



Aquarium Mad

For a new fish, you may not hold the fish market, you cant keep watching the fish tank, open the bottom filter to see.I felt that the water was rehabilized and I felt that the cotton wrapped.Feed some piles in the cylinder.I dont understand what the fish should be.Today, I went to the fish market today.I didnt get started with my lucky fish.I bought a few meals to make a fortune cat, no way, this cat is not open to eat feed.I want to have a lucky cat in the cylinder, I bought a sweaty shark.Who knows that this shark and seven-star knife are infected.They all hide.Qi vomiting blood.Today, I changed 1/4 water washed cotton.Water is still not transparent.Its also no way .

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   Patients should be patient, come slowly
Fish friends @ Dada


   Map eats to drink the bottom filter cotton
Fish friend warship enthusiast small wisdom


   Your blue shark, I used to raise the little dead, some people hit the tank, I was very annoying, I was filtered, the fish tank leaking, the heating rod did not immerse in the water, the blue shark was frozen.
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