Sanhu cichlids in Beijing which store is good



Sanhu cichlids in Beijing which store is good

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Sanhu cichlids in Beijing which store is good

  No store is full of quality products

  Title 2 Which store is good for Sanhu Cichlid in Beijing?

  Heading 3 Does Beijing sell Sanhuci Diaoyu?

  Heading 4 What kind of fish is good for the three lake cichlids?

  There are many kinds of fish in Three Lakes, it is recommended to post it, forum to see

  The first six Saylan and aircraft carriers were introduced, and of course large horse sculptures are also good.

  Six Crown

  Title 5 What kind of Sanhu cichlids are good to keep and look good?

  If you want to polyculture, all kinds of peacock snapper can be. The easy-to-get species such as blood red, yellow emperor, Taiwan Strait, firebird, sun peacock, etc. are all 636f70797a686964616f31333365643661 to the docile three lake fish, colorIts also beautiful and the price is fair.Lan Jasmine is also a good sea bream. It will start in adulthood, and the sky blue hue is also very good for other fish. It is recommended to lay a layer of Philippine sand on the bottom of the tank. The white is relatively clean. Put some porous and multi-layer stones such as wood fossils to create a scene. If you are happy, you can add a little coral stone shell. If you want to keep scorpionfish, you can try the combination of six plus pearl butterfly plus paradise bird or queen swallowtail, provided that the six are not too big, otherwise there will be problems. If you want to grow benthic, it is recommended to try gold jingle bell or diamond roll shell. 1.Monochrome sea bream (Haplochromis) It is the largest genus of cichlids in Lake Malawi. Its body color is mostly metallic blue, and the females are mostly silver-gray. The early introduced fish species on the island are: blue jasmine (Haplochromis moorli), horseNoodles (Haplochromis compressiceps), Ali (Haplochromis ahli), Landis (Haplochromis annectens) and Xueyanhong (Haplochromis Sp.).etc. 2.Acacia (Aulonocara) It has a very similar shape to the monochromatic sea bream and has a metallic blue color. The female fish is also silver gray. Those who have entered Taiwan are: Blue Sky Angel (Aulonocara nyassae), Platinum Angel (Aulonocara nyassae Albino), Firebird (Aulonocara nyassae Red Flash). etc. 3.Peacock Snapper (Trernatocranus) Similar to the characteristics of the genus Cyprinidae, the difference is that the dorsal fin with white border is thicker, and the tip of the buttocks are white; it is common to incorporate it into the genus Aurelocara (Aulonocara) to distinguish.The most representative fish species is Brilliant Red (Trernatocranus jacobfreibergi) or (Aulonocara jacobfreibergi). Mbuna (Mbuna) The local vernacular is "the fish community that inhabits the rocky reefs by the lake". It feeds on the moss attached to the rocky reefs. Its body color is bright and complex, and even males and females have completely different body colors. 4.Pseudotrophe-us Such as: Prince Charming (Pseudotropheus zrbra Albino), Zebra Sparrow (Pseudotropheus Iombardoi), Blue Butterfly (Pseudotropheus eduardi) and Prince of Lightning (Pseudotropheus elongatus). etc. 5.Black sea bream (Melanochromis) Such as: African Phoenix (Melanochromis auratus), Crown Seven (Melanochromis crabro) and Prince Jinfan (Melanochromis brevis).etc. 6.Labidochromis Such as: African prince (Labidochromis caeruleus), flower sparrow (Labidochromis exasperatus). 7.Rock tilapia (Petrotilapia) Such as: violet (Petrotilapia tridentiger). 8.Labeotropheus (Labeotropheus) Such as: flower clown (Labeotropheus fuelleborni), hook nose clown (Labeotropheus fuelleborni).

  Title 6 What species of Sanhu cichlids are good to keep?Also pretty?

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