Fight every day



Fight every day

Fight every day Indonesian Tiger(4)
Almost four months still fight every day, bored to death..3 Long had two tigers, now applied to a fish tank [Cahan]
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Depending windowless fish lovers say: I am a 35 of a classic red dragon 25.Occasionally see the red dragon to bully, twenty days of old and new scars on the body anyway, no corpuscles
My baby violet end of the arowana fish lovers say: keep a good general are single
H-loving fish aquarists said: When you see the fish fight is a pleasure, it will not bother, and fun and exciting
Kai-ming, only a small part of the fitness arowana not fight.Ready for a strong heart
Evan_1988 aquarists said: Some fish, like temper, hit the dead was a close call, when the fight sick people, like monoculture, when they do not play like the incredible
Going raising arowana Friends said: polyculture fighting normal test of patience
Going raising arowana lovers say: not playing slowly
Qq wandering fish lovers say: three years will play
Little Red Dragon White Cultivation or Black Cultivation*
Black wing little red dragon%
Can you raise a red dragon/
Is the transparent tank suitable for keeping arowana.
The performance of black cylinder and white cylinder red dragon$


geo leo update

My Red Discus Pairs

Tenth Times Grand Champion’s Title Of Ro

Whats the different if i feed sw instead

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    Arowanas over 40 are fed once every few days/