Albino ReArowanad Dragon Fish Great Gods see how to save Jinlongs injuries online



Albino ReArowanad Dragon Fish Great Gods see how to save Jinlongs injuries online

Heat up, sprinkle salt, explode oxygen, yellow powder, green powder, more and more serious, what can I do?

  ======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====

  Monkey D Red Dragon Jason said: I decided to give up treatment and add a dish for the holidays.

  Run, Tiao said: Just add some salt, change some water in three or five days, just about half a month

  Bottomlessly said: Change the water frequently, feel nothing

  Xiaomi3288 said: You just keep the water quality, dont take any medicine, if the scales dont recover well, pull out from the long

  Zizai said: under the single-medication system, regularly change a small amount of water and add medicine

  Wang Wenwei said: Dont torture, upgrade one!

  Artist MFil said: Pull out the broken scales

  Pixiu q3T99 said: My fins hit by thick lines are gone. I can almost see bones on my body.

  Pixiu q3T99 said: I dont think the water quality is good and cant solve the problem

  Araki Tingyu said: Was it polyculture and then infected?After infection?
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