When using trichlorfon be sure to pay attention to the pH of the water



When using trichlorfon be sure to pay attention to the pH of the water

Trichlorfon is a low-toxic, high-efficiency organophosphorus insecticide. The color is pure white, solid crystal, odor, and it is relatively soluble in water.Trichlorfon is also in powder form.Trichlorfon contains about 90% of the original powder of trichlorfon.After trichlorfon is dissolved, if the pH of the water quality is 8-10, it will turn into more toxic dichlorvos in half an hour.
In aquaculture, trichlorfon is mainly used to kill parasites.It has a good insecticidal effect on anchor head carp, fish lice, rotifers, etc. outside the surface of the fish body.However, since trichlorfon will become highly toxic dichlorvos in slightly alkaline water, be careful.========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Yidenglongmen Yuyou said: Thanks for sharing
xiaolong The water in my pond ph7.9 Crystallize directly with trichlorfon. Do use caution when using trichlorfon. Good post to remind novice fish friends
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