Do you have problems with your fish?



Do you have problems with your fish?

Once a fish becomes ill and takes medicine to maintain it, it is not the way to do it.Dragon fish jump tank, why do dragon fish jump tank?Reluctant to stay in the water.It is uncomfortable because of poor water quality.Healthy arowana opens the cylinder cover to feed it, and the fish will not jump out, because the arowanas brain is sober.It has locked its target, and the strength and power of the jump will be controlled by itself.Bacterial infection in fish, as long as the water is clean, the arowana will not be infected if it is injured.Arowanas internal and external mailings are directly related to feeding live food.Frozen food is the best method of sterilization.Dont forget to feed the fisherman, but dont forget to change the water, you can say goodbye to the fish medicine.
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Yueyueer Comment: Supermarket brother, you change water every few days
The dog of the Heitaro family, Guangjin, is so early, I saw your red dragon
zsj725 review: learning
Parrot Centennial Mountain Comment: Summary in place
zp850621 Comment: Learned
The past is not as good as comment: Experience sharing

Do you have problems with your fish? Siamese TigerfishThree Views_Diving Horse Comments:
桃林小霸王yao Comment: Support
Tians arowana jumping tank is nature
CD-KEY Comment: I was filtering the tap water slowly, and no water trapped.
Fish friend: I don"t understand. Landlord, has your green dragon turned??
Wash and sleep fish friend: my dragon ate the plastic parts on the oxygen pump and vomited out the next day.
31 fish friends: reply to the post of washing and sleeping bar
Hengbin fish friend:
Sorry, Qinglong turned.
Thank you for your answer. When I cleaned the bucket today, I found that the biochemical cotton was sucked in but not swallowed by the dragon. I"m finally relieved!
1789774 fish friend: I haven"t heard of it I need more advice


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