Underreported prices monopolize the market and trigger vicious competition Shanghai Customs resolves



Underreported prices monopolize the market and trigger vicious competition Shanghai Customs resolves case of smuggling of aquarium supplies worth more than 100 million yuan

After investigation, the suspect Hu Mouhao used Shanghai Yiluote International Trade Co., Ltd. from 2012 to 2015, and from 2015 to 2019 with Aiqua International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aiqua Company) and Shenzhi International.Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhi Company), made or arranged the companys logistics manager Gu Mouyin to make false low-price invoices, and handed over to the operator of a cargo transportation agency Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, Chen Mouyan, for customs clearance proceduresAquarium products such as additives for fish tanks, air pumps for fish tanks, sand and gravel, etc. from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the United States and other countries are smuggled into the Shanghai port, and then sold to the flower and bird market and pet stores through wholesale to obtain benefits.The difference between the money generated by the criminal suspect Bao Moujie through intermediary payment to foreign businessmen.

  According to the relevant provisions of the "Measures of the Customs of the Peoples Republic of China on the Examination and Approval of Duty-paid Prices for Import and Export Goods", the customs adopts the assessment of the duty-paid value of imported and exported goods and articles based on the actual transaction price.Some smugglers use the difference between the actual transaction price of goods and the falsely reported transaction price to achieve the purpose of tax evasion.Common ones include "washing orders" and "washing goods" and using futures trading to under-report price smuggling.

  "According to relevant laws and regulations, once convicted, the two were sentenced to at least 10 years in prison."The case officer said.Currently, the case is under further investigation.(Reporter Cai Yanhong)

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  According to the case handlers, Aiqua and Shenzhi involved in the case monopolized 90% of the market in the aquarium supplies industry in Shanghai, with customers all over the country.The suspects underreported the price by as much as 70%.For example, for a pump with an import price of several thousand yuan, the customs declaration price is only a few hundred yuan.The huge amount of stolen money obtained from the violations of the case was used by Hu Mouhao and Bao Moujie to splurge for enjoyment, live in a villa, drive a Ferrari, and travel abroad many times in a year.

  Hu Mouhao and others have been engaged in smuggling for many years and think that they can modify import documents to be unobtrusive, but the customs anti-smuggling department has deployed police force to set up a data group to make thousands of import documents and false documents declared to customs.One match laid the evidence foundation for the smooth handling of the case.

  In recent years, the rise of e-commerce platforms has promoted the integration of online and offline omni-channel development in the aquarium industry. The aquarium industry has grown steadily at a rate of nearly 16% each year."Although Hu Mouhao only graduated from technical secondary school, he has a flexible mind and accurate vision, and has been involved in the field of aquariums for a long time.In addition, his English is very good, and communication with foreign merchants is all English mail.The case handler told the reporter that although the emails were all "PeterHu", the industry knew that Peter was Hu Mouhao.

  Wearing a brand-name T-shirt, living in a mansion, and running a super run. For Hu Mouhao and his partner Bao Moujie, this extravagant life has come to an end.The reporter recently learned from Shanghai Customs that the customs cracked down on a series of cases of smuggling aquarium supplies with underreported prices.There were 3 criminal cases with a total value of more than 1.100 million yuan, more than 16 million yuan in taxes.

  According to the case handling staff of Shanghai Customs, before receiving a report from Hong Kong, Hu Mouhao had dishonest behavior when doing business with him.Afterwards, the investigators relied on the name "Hu Mouhao" to find the China International Pet and Aquatic Products Exhibition.The investigators found that the sponsor of the exhibition was a company called "Blue Earth", which represented many brands, and the booth occupied almost half of the exhibition hall.And Hu Mouhao is the boss of "Blue Earth", and his position in the industry as a "leader" is self-evident.

  This point was also confirmed in the ensuing investigation.During the process of collecting intelligence on professional websites and forums, the investigators learned that the name of "Hu Mouhao" is almost known across the board, and the rumors of "suspicion of smuggling" are also public secrets.It turned out that Hu Mouhao sold aquarium supplies at a price lower than the market price in order to monopolize the entire market.His vicious competition in the industry has long aroused the dissatisfaction of his peers.

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  According to the early reporting clues, the Shanghai Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau, together with the Shanghai Customs Inspection Office, the Pudong Airport Customs and the Wusong Customs, after grasping the overall situation of the aquatic supplies industry underreported price smuggling in Shanghai, implemented a centralized net collection operation on April 17.Four suspects including Hu Mouhao were arrested.
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