GOLDEN AROWANA Food for Sianlon Fish Farm About that



GOLDEN AROWANA Food for Sianlon Fish Farm About that

I have bought a back 18CM7000RMB, but it is actually a high back or called B, and 18CM sells 16,000.7. The golden head is the one who is over.Now many fish are called up by one grade, you think it is cheap to buy, in fact, there is no selling essence.This is an old saying, in fact there is philosophy in it, everyone think about it calmly.If you dont target people, you want to say that fish is good and the price is the lowest.wrong!Good things, perfect things, everyone is chasing the world, chasing prices will be lower, not just fish, this makes sense.So be rational, dont be impulsive when you see the low price, because its often cheaper, its a bait, and if thats the reason, you still have to buy it.Fish cant be distinguished at the juvenile stage, no one can do it, dont try to make no sense.Everyone knows the adult fish, its not easy to deceive people, small fish should be careful.The problem lies in the high price of fake fish cups on the small fish. The chip is in Shenzhen. I admire the wisdom of the Chinese for the benefit of everything. Really be careful

GOLDEN AROWANA Food for Sianlon Fish Farm About that Arowana Farm
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