No more color stew



No more color stew

No more color stew Galaxy P14 Stingray[ciya][ciya][ciya]
======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====
Never fail 216 said: This fish is good, what is the hurry!
Tsunami i said: I sponsor onion ginger garlic
The pit is too deep to say: do not believe
Eat rice cake every day and say: Haha
Strawberry statement says: Come on
Tians How old is this?


What medicine is used for fish with white spots.
There are white spots on the scales of the fish*
How to cure white spots on fish$
Why are there white spots on the fish)
What should I do if there are white spots on the fish#
How to cure whitish fish body whitish(
What happened to the white spots on the fish?%


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