Longtenghuyue? Coarse Silver Plate
Long is a little recently, bullying tiger fish, eat when he robbed his love.Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province
There will be
There are two pieces of glass in the overflow area, the inner glass is glued on three sides, and the height is the actual water level; The outer glass is glued on both sides, 3M away from the cylinder bottom, and the spacing between the two glasses is 1 ~ 1.5m. The function is the siphon principle
The sound of the waves is still 719 fish friend: the water overflows from between the two layers of glass to the bottom of the filter tank.
There is no such situation in my finished cylinder. Maybe it"s like yours


2 month Update of my 8 Pearls

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cricket farming incomeGoliath tiger fish

Finally gotten my Black Rays

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