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I like to use aquatic plants for landscaping recently. Newbies have a lot of things they dont understand. I want to make a tank for landscaping. It is generally recommended how much the size of the tank is suitable. I dont know the state of the grass at the beginning. How much can I put in a tank, pleaseExperts give some advice, what I think is that I can succeed at one time, I dont want to crack down on self-confidence
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Tiancheng Jiangniao said: first look for a fine post to learn
Tiancheng Jiangniao said: Welcome welcome
tx21721 said: Study in the forum

Novice report Indonesian Tiger(4)Anonymous Jing said: Slowly shove.experience comes
shuicaodiandain says:
Zhao puppy said: the tank is enough
Zhao puppy said: upstairs
Vegetarian Jinyi said: top one
Ah Tu boss said: Novice first read this tutorial


31 fish friends: reply to the post of washing and sleeping bar
Wash and sleep fish friend: my dragon ate the plastic parts on the oxygen pump and vomited out the next day.
Hengbin fish friend:
Bond fish friend: your arowana should be frightened! Sometimes people will run forward! Add some salt, don"t turn on the light, and have a look in a few days! A long time may take more than a week!


where is the world"s biggest aquariumNew

Where can I find float mongroves in LFS?


Aeration and Ammonia removal....

tank water start to turn green ! can adv


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