Ask the God to help diagnose what is not serious



Ask the God to help diagnose what is not serious

Yesterday I found that Pearl Hong rose up a few groups of small pimples. I asked the gods for help to see if the severity is serious, what problems, how to treat and solve them
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Shijiazhuang_Deep Sea Walk Comments: Caused by poor water quality
Ailong Apprentice Comment: Master, congratulations
Stingray 868 Comment: Eat normally without worrying
j1122334455 Comment: Thank you, great gods
1750526488 Comment: Cant see clearly, but as long as you eat, its okay, pay attention to observe.
123456zb Comment: Nothing, dont worry about it
nxhb0951 Comment: Personal opinion Its okay to care too much, I have several of them.Its fun to eat.
huanghaili Comment: Equal God
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