Palace head turns yellow leaves turn black stop growing



Palace head turns yellow leaves turn black stop growing

Recently, some palace heads have turned yellow, and the leaves have turned black to stop growing. The area is in a place with large water flow.
Is it related to water flow?Or other reasons?
The courts in other areas felt in good condition.
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Palace head turns yellow leaves turn black stop growing Brief introductionTry some more fat
dlyin9898998 Comment: Come and learn
reject1985 Comments: Serious mud pulverization will cause a lot of gray photosynthesis
Indulge in nature Comments:
No, there are root fertilizers in the roots, leaf fertilizers, and iron fertilizers are added, but the mud differentiation is strong in about 3 days in the early stage, and the water has turned black. I dont know whether it has anything to do with yellowing.
No one can comment: If you turn black, you must first determine whether the algae are attached, if not
The head is generally young leaves, and the yellow leaves are generally iron or calcium deficiency. Excessive manganese will cause the leaves to blacken and affect the absorption of iron. Do you recall if you have used potassium permanganate disinfection recently and then did not wash it?!!
jone369 Comment: Are you short of fat?Water flow should not matter
Benefit insect Comment: Wait for the master to answer
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