Straight-grained Flying anchovy Newly opened 130 tanks for guidance



Straight-grained Flying anchovy Newly opened 130 tanks for guidance

The skeleton has just been made and nourish the water.Novice landscaping, 130*60*60 cylinder.What kind of grass and fish are suitable for later planting?Ask for guidance
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Charm Dancer Comment: If you cant raise bubbles, you can raise water plants in the water tank? ?Feng Shui master? ?Named master? ?Fortune teller? ?Fortune-telling? ?Company nameChild namedBaby name
The whole village dē hope Comment: This is definitely a South American tank theme, dont plant grass, go directly to South American fish
Okay, little magic fairy Comment: Dont go into the grass first, its good now, after a while, its really boring, and its not too late to think about it
Happy Bird 008 Comment: You can change other sand.The master taught me to take some dilute hydrochloric acid before cleaning the toilet. In short, it is "acid". Go to the site and put your favorite sand into the "acid". If you dont make bubbles, you can raise the water plants in the water tank.The bubbling sand cannot be used.Pay attention to the same reason for any stones placed in the tank.The advantage of planting water plants with sand is that you dont need to turn the cylinder and use the sand washer to pump the sand bed from time to time.
Concrete large tea tank Comments: The sand spread is afraid that the water quality will become alkaline. It is best to take a test paper to test it. The pH is greater than 7. Dont raise fish like fairies like weak acid water.
Youyou Baby Childrens Photography Comment: So beautiful
Childhood, Paper Plane Comments: Its a bit difficult
The time is just right
Bean Sprouts Comments: Dominant landscape, difficult to manage later
Arowana can be raised together~
Can Koi be raised with Red Dragon
Which tropical fish can be mixed with koi$
Koi fish keep a few of the most auspicious#
Can Silver Dragon be mixed with Koi@


Can I keep Ranchu at 30C?

Stones Aquarium 280711 Shipment

The arowana that Im planning to buy

Asian arow with Scatophagus Argus ?

Red Eye, White Seed, Yellow Flower and Yinlong


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