Green Pepper Red Dragon Happy National Day continued to punch



Green Pepper Red Dragon Happy National Day continued to punch

Green Pepper Red Dragon Happy National Day continued to punch Siam giant carp (national treasure)2019/10/3 intended to eleven day slap my kids, the results in the morning and his wife have been notified to attend a flag-raising ceremony, and later a busy day, yesterday cried out to dinner with friends, and quickly patted them today, over a a section, or they do not happy, ha ha (joke), these days a little lie-cylinder Ray, do not know the reason for several days before feeding Spikes, two days I drop a little food intake, has better, but from time to time there will be lying cylinder phenomenon, is not a problem of (cis seeking a master wing), Atta Babu who was always active, feeling a little nervous.On the occasion of the National Day, I wish the great motherland Happy Birthday!I wish the great motherland from glory to glory, from victory to victory!
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Cicadas winter snows fish lovers say: I told the sister-in-law should be a flag-raising area
I tsunami aquarists say: come to a driftwood
Deceitful aquarists say: how to get the air cylinder, Consult, thank you
888 Metade Fumaca aquarists say: beautiful
Wailing loudly shot aquarist, he said: leaders should participate in a flag-raising, the head of Headshake
Chen Chen Chen brother aquarists say: Support
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