Stick to punching dragon fish

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======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Disillusionment III: Comment: Really a talent
Diligent rewards:
zizai comment: This noodle has connotation
He Xiansen, the exquisite life of the rich
Quick-frozen Red Dragon Comment: Knitted sweater
Xiaoqi is illegal. Comment: Powerful
How to make arowana hair color back%
Arowana is good once a few days)
How to deal with live fish/
How big is the hair color of the golden head arowana*
What are the arowana suitable for novices$
Novice first fish farming experience$
Arowana hair color development completed in a few years^
Arowana feeding bread bug.
What kind of arowana do novices keep%
Arowana feeds live fish(


discussion - so wat is hole on aro head?

Tank size for breeding raysfish farms in

My Henlei female had 3-6 pups but...aq a

different types of arowana11 Green Asian

Leopard tattoo fry


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    Golden Flower Fire Phoenix Arhat Fry~