Blood Red Arowana My long hand monster



blood red arowana My long hand monster

This little fish is fate.There was an impulsive feeling from the first sight six months ago when I saw him inexplicably.But I met a blackhearted boss.At the same time there is a little flaw.When it comes to this black-hearted boss, he may be there.At that time, it was just a little guy more than twenty centimeters.Later, friends in the circle said that they would bring them back to their homes for training.After a month in the friends house.Seeing his development.poisoned.0 more than the previous price.2.The friends I nurtured seemed reluctant.They should also have feelings.Later we discussed together.I told him that in his current environment, there is no way to achieve the opportunity of sealing the tank.It is also an adventure.As a result, the opportunity to step on the mine was left to me.The day before yesterday, my friend asked me how the effect of this little fish is.I told him to see you in two months.Here I tell you that a slight eye drop can be solved by treatment.See you in 60 days[dabing]
Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
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Juhuixin Xiaogao 25 cm has such a hair color performance is not convinced to fight.
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