A number of flower bird fish and insect markets around the world have finally come back to work



A number of flower bird fish and insect markets around the world have finally come back to work

At the same time, the markets for flowers, birds, fish and insects in various regions have gradually begun to reopen. The following editors will give you an inventory.

  "We also intend to reduce the monthly rent of the merchants in the market, for a total amount of about seven or eight hundred thousand.Hope to help the merchants get through the difficulties.In the business process after the resumption of business, we will also closely contact merchants, strengthen the management of merchants, and maintain market security."Gong Kang said.









  Some merchants have resumed business. At present, 18 merchants have applied for reinstatement. The rest of the merchants are also applying for them. The merchants returning from other places need to isolate themselves for 14 days before applying for reinstatement. Entering the market requires real-name registration and measuring body temperature.It is sent by the merchant to the entrance of the market. In addition, the merchant also needs to sign a responsibility letter for resumption of work.The business hours during the epidemic are 8:00-17:00.


  On February 29, Ningbo citizens bought flowers at the Tiansheng Flower and Bird Market.The Tiansheng Flower and Bird Market is the largest and most complete flower and bird market in Ningbo. Due to the need for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, it was reopened at the end of February after nearly 30 days of closure.The market has a wide variety of flowers and colorful flowers, attracting many lovers.

  Under the guidance of all levels of government in Guangdong Province, Fangcun Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect New World carefully filled in the statistical registration situation, and reported to the relevant functional departments of the district and street.Fully operational.


  According to Gong Kang, general manager of the Flower and Bird Market, Yidu Flower and Bird Market has also introduced some measures to help the merchants overcome the difficulties.As early as February, a special working group was set up in the market to contact qualified merchants to help them apply for reinstatement. The first batch helped a total of 30 merchants to resume business. Next, more than 200 merchants in the market will resume business one after another.

  In the market, red re-opening tips are posted uniformly at the door of the reopening store to inform citizens that the store has been disinfected. Please wear a mask when entering the store.The merchants all wore a red work permit issued by the market uniformly. According to the requirements of the market, they need to wear a work permit throughout the process to facilitate inspection by the inspectors.

  The winter is over, the spring is getting warmer, and the orderly resumption of work is also full of expectations.With the gradual “awakening” of the flower, bird, and fish and insect markets around the world, how to create a good market atmosphere and further ensure the safety of consumers shopping environment is something that every flower, bird, and fish and insect market is worth doing.Back to Sohu, see more

  According to the Xinhua News Agencys Satellite News Laboratory using visible light infrared imaging radiometers of remote sensing satellites, major provinces and cities are rapidly “recovering”. According to the national rework rate map, the reddish color indicates a higher rework rate.


  On March 2, the first batch of 30 operating stores at the Yidu Antique Flower and Bird Market at 1635 Renmin Road passed the review of the markets internal epidemic prevention leading group and reopened.The second floor is temporarily closed due to live animals such as birds and pets.There are not many customers who go to the flower and bird market on the first day of reinstatement. Customers and shopkeepers need to register and measure body temperature at the door when they enter the market, and show the Sucheng code.

  According to Weng Min, the head of Fangcun Flowers, Birds, Fish and Insects New World, Guangzhou Baiyi City will start a new retail period in conjunction with everyones real economy in March, and consider opening a comprehensive market to increase the flow of people and help everyone promote sales.Put the platform online, help everyone to carry out a series of Internet operations such as shooting, live broadcasting, product shelves, interviews, short videos, etc., and constantly make an online full platform layout around this industry.


  After the Longcheng Flower and Bird Antique Market was opened recently, the approved operators of flowers, gardening and fish have opened their doors!In order to effectively implement various prevention and control requirements, the Longcheng Flower and Bird Antiques Market purchased a batch of anti-epidemic materials for the first time, and sprayed disinfection water in the market for disinfection.In accordance with the spirit of the "Resumption of Small and Micro Enterprises and Individual Industrial and Commercial Households in the North District of Wujin High-tech Zone", the materials for resumption of labor are seriously reported and approved for reinstatement.One-stop service.

  In order to accelerate the resumption of production and production of all enterprises in the aquarium, Guangzhou Baiyi City and the Guangdong Aquarium Association have joined forces to actively help enterprises solve the problems of resumption of work procedures, shop decoration, product shelves, and cargo transportation during the epidemic.At the same time, the market party will measure, register and report the temperature of each merchant, and disinfect the market every day.
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