Announcement of 2020 Recruitment of 52 Workers of Social Chemical Society of Yangjiang City Guangdon



Announcement of 2020 Recruitment of 52 Workers of Social Chemical Society of Yangjiang City Guangdong

In order to enrich the work force of trade unions in our towns (streets) and industrial parks, we will build a team of professional, professional chemical society workers who are inseparable, trustworthy, retentive, well managed, and lively.The relevant matters of the recruitment of social chemical industry workers in our city are as follows:

  1.Have the nationality of the Peoples Republic of China, support the leadership of China, and abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the Peoples Republic of China.Good character, good professional ethics, physical conditions for normal performance of duties and working ability to meet job requirements.

  2.Healthy, under 40 years old (born after February 5, 1980), those with trade union work experience can relax to under 45 years old.

  3.Full-time university degree or above (no limit in major), good language organization and writing ability, proficient in computer operation, familiar with office application software, certain organizational coordination ability and mass work ability.

  Participate in guiding enterprises to form trade unions, develop members, and carry out standardized construction of trade unions; participate in the construction of trade union information platforms and carry out trade union informationization; promote enterprises to carry out labor competitions, democratic management, collective wage consultation, coordinate and handle labor disputes, and provide services for employees; Engaged in accounting and auditing, text synthesis and other work.

  2.Registration location: The recruitment registration will be conducted according to the jurisdiction of the applicant. Please apply for the applicant to the county (city, district) Federation of Trade Unions where the application position is registered.The contact information is as follows:

  3.If you are interested, please bring your ID card, household registration book, academic qualification certificate (the graduates submit the "Recommended Form of Employment for Ordinary College Graduates") and the original and copy of relevant certificates or certificates, and three recent color photos of one inch without crownFill out the registration form and register at the designated location within the announcement time.

  4.The materials submitted by the applicant must be true and accurate. Those who provide false materials will be disqualified once they are verified.If the examination meets the requirements for examination, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions shall issue a notice, and the applicant shall take the examination with the notice and ID card.

  1.Examination Content.It mainly includes trade union laws and regulations, Xis important exposition on the working class and trade union work, current affairs politics, official document writing, and administrative ability tests.2.The exam is divided into two parts: a written test and an interview.The written and interviews are organized by the municipal federation of trade unions, and examination rooms are set up in the relevant county (city, district) federations of trade unions.The time and place of the written test will be notified separately.(1) The written test is conducted in a closed book format with a score of 100 points, accounting for 60% of the total recruitment results.After the written test, select the best candidates according to the ratio of 1:3 from high to low, and publicize the written test scores of the shortlisted candidates. If the ratio is less than 1:3, all the candidates will enter the interview.

  (4) According to the total score of the examination, the relevant county (city, district) Federation of Trade Unions will set a minimum admission score line, and the recruitment survey will be determined according to the ratio of 1:1 between the applicants and the county (city, district) Federation of Trade Unions recruiting positions.Candidates.

  (6) The county (city, district) federation of trade unions is responsible for organizing the applicants for medical examination and political review. If the applicant fails due to medical examination or political review or voluntarily gives up, the applicants shall be supplemented in order from the highest total score of the examination.

  After the medical examination of the hired personnel is qualified, the relevant county (city, district) Federation of Trade Unions entrusts a third-party labor dispatch company to sign a labor contract with the person to be hired.) Work, employment period is 3 years, probation period is 2 months.The wages and other benefits of the employed personnel shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Guangdong Society of Chemical Industry Workers. The specific management measures, remuneration and benefits, and five insurances and one fund shall be formulated by the relevant county (city, district) Federation of Trade Unions.

  The relevant regulations for workers are implemented, and the specific management measures, remuneration and benefits, and five insurances and one fund are formulated by the relevant county (city, district) Federation of Trade Unions.
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