Is it dangerous to put the big fish tank at home?



Is it dangerous to put the big fish tank at home?

I would like to ask everyone, I am a step ladder building, I am going to start a big tank, put a 200*70*80 fish tank on the second floor, can I put it in, can you bear it?
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Looking at you behind me Comment: No problem at all, rest assured, just over 1 ton, no problem
Colorful Dreams Comment: Special big will be risky
Fish lovers Comment: Reply @混养哥: I am on the second floor, with a total of six floors
februaryjune Comment: It reminds me of the pony crossing the river.As long as your house is a regular commodity building, there is no problem!

Is it dangerous to put the big fish tank at home? Bat pomfretHappy0010007 Comment: I saw a similar headline last time. There is a comment below. Certainly the old house prefabricated panels will not work? ?Even if the weight of the new building is about 200 kg per square meter, your tank and the tank have a water difference of 2, right? You just put it against the wall for a while and a half, it will be fine. ?You Baidu look up the problem of building load-bearingAnd when you buy a house, the purchase contract generally says that the bearing problemDont ask anyone about thisThe quality of each building is different, cant you use other peoples viewsIts not necessary to try you, look over your house purchase contract or Baidu to check the weight bearing, and finally calculate the weight of the water body.?If the real floor slab is crushed, things will get worse.
hanjunping Comment: Such a big fish tank enters from the window or sticks at home
Pan Zhiqiang Comment: No problem with weight bearing, the question is how do you go upstairs?
Evanlai commented: several years of self-built or commercial buildings
The Life of Chocolate Comment: Normal, no problem
Zaoyang_Jie Shao Comment: This is not a question of considering your fish tank, but your construction.How many floors in total!
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