Novice raising dragons please enlighten the great god



Novice raising dragons please enlighten the great god

Recently I wanted to get a fish tank. I initially planned a 120*60*60 tank and a Chuangxing 2400 filter tank. Can I discard the bottom filter?There is also how to observe the cultivation of nitrifying bacteria. Is it only possible to use ordinary fish for testing?Can I test the carp with water?If not, what kind of fish do I need to try, how to observe, and what kind of brand do I need to choose the light? If there is no electricity, how long can the fish last? I have a heater in the north of about 16 degrees.Please enlighten

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Fish friend shmily001 Say: There are many fish.The filter cartridge is still not as clean as the bottom line.It doesnt matter if you want to raise carp.
Yuyou aquarium is toss Say: Oxygen cylinder is over, there is an oxygen pump, just let a healthy fish enter the tank, the light depends on your economic conditions
Yuyu Glycol de White Coffee Say: You can use the filter barrel without the bottom filter cylinder
Yuyou knows how to advance and retreat Say: The filtering capacity of the filter cartridge is definitely not as strong as the bottom filter.The cultivation of nitrifying bacteria is very simple. After the bacteria are circulated, the oxygen is exploded, and the tank fish is broken in 3 days.Generally, you can use a fish with the same water temperature as your main fish to enter the tank.Normal feeding and normal water change, each time during the water change to add a little nitrifying bacteria.After half a month, the fish in the tank is normal for eating and drinking, and the water is clear.
Yuyou WT197822 Say: According to your own economy
Yuyu kurapika3 Say: Positive Solutions Upstairs
Yuyouzhj2711 Say: The filter bucket can keep up with it, 16 degrees must use a heating rod
Amo Say: It is recommended to use trickle filtration
Yuyou13525094018 Say: Cant be a bottom filter box Cant be a bottom filter box
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