White mould growing on stingray tailpls advice



White mould growing on stingray tailpls advice

Hi bro
Still new on keeping ray,just recently I saw white patches/mould growing on his tail,around his barb
Any expert on rays can advice me how to treat it?
My friend told me its bacteria infection
Thanks in advance
Do you have any pic? Any tankmate? Gender/size etc?
>Hi Bro, am no expert but have a bit of experience on ray. Please help to check your water parameter as there might a possibility your NO3 is high. It will be good if you can post us some pictures.
>Thanks for ur fast reply
Its male size around 6inch
Anyone experience such a thing before?
Im trying to post images
>Feeding with live feeder
Still eating well
Or maybe I use a stick to scrap it off?
>Hi bro fungus on tail most likely is cause by injury or burn from your water parameter did not meet theyr requirement but your tank look kind of clean leh think you should go check it out or it could be Plecos they like to suck on rays injury area ( that may cause fungi infection),... If there is any Plecos at the first place hahaha
Most likely the tail will drop of after some time if did not cure in time
>Hi bro ap99
U got it,I got pleco in the 1st place
But 2 pleco got infected with these white patches on fin n later passed away
Thinking it wont spread but now his tail grow white patches
I did a massive water changed Ytd n just got home n saw some patches alr disappeared but my usual routine of feeding ray,he doesnt eat alr
Is it too late alr?
Usually v active but today hardly move about,I guess its a matter of time he will up the car?
Anyone know if the tail will recover?
Or maybe how can I cure the fungus?
Anyone got the same problem before?
Pls advice n thanks
>Hi bro give me your number or call me I pm you my number its hard to get the right details this way ,....
I may not be able to save this ray its condition not v good only can try my best cheers
>Ok bro
I will call u later in the noon
Thank u
>Hi Ap99
Thanks for ur time for explaining so much about ray
Tail indeed dropped off
Learned something new
Appreciate that
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