Great gods look at this spot-like thing?



Great gods look at this spot-like thing?

Great gods, what is this thing?Above the fish head, Hurry, hurry, the fish does not have any adverse reactions, that is, it has not yet spoken to eat![cahan][cahan][cahan][cahan][cahan][cahan][cahan]
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======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Yeyu Sycamore V3P1 Comment: Its okay to have dropped the scales
Khan silver gold red Comments:
?♀?Wen Comment: Maintain good water quality
Yu Yuyu Comment: This is because the scales have fallen off, this is not a problem, it will be fine later

Great gods look at this spot-like thing? Sumatran tiger fish
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Arowana and polyculture)
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Golden River Tiger Fish Polyculture%
What to eat saury$
Tiger and Arowana polyculture videos(


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