Timid after changing water



Timid after changing water

Timid after changing water Chocolate Arowana

  [fadai]A little timid after changing the water, Peru has a protective color.========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Fish head fish brain fish friends said: one acid and one base
↗[君a!伱 Yuyou said: how long has it been
Suzaku raising the Thai tiger Yuyu said: I am following you
Brother Tu Hao Yu Yu said: slowly adapt
Jubali Swordfish%
The difference between ingot phoenix and off knife!
Which colorful angelfish is good to keep:
Why saury$
Colorful angelfish suitable for keeping a few"
Sweeney Swordfish%
Baiziguan Swordfish^
How about saury$


6th Batch of 24K AA++ at C328 on 24th Fe

Mass fish killed in our seas and some af

My zebras

Cycle incomplete?

Taboos on the Placement of fishbowl


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