Good Brother Three Lakes Cichlids Dragon Peak



Good Brother Three Lakes Cichlids Dragon Peak

LV8 buddy
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Yujun Tongle Comment: What kind of tiger is this?
Yaochi Jing skin Comments: The brothers ward off the wall, the outside is insulted.
Comment: Good Friends
I9CLN Comment: How to divide male and female
Kei Kai: Comment: Good brother, toast.
small.Yan Comments: Hu Xiong Hu Di
Its pure pleasure. Comment: This is a pair.Still good friends
Ahhhhh Comment: The relationship is good.
How much is a 50 cm fish
The arowana is always on the side of the aquarium~
How old can silver arowana grow in fish tank·
The brand of dragon fish tank is good!
Price of 40 cm Caiyu=
How much is a three pound fish+


Not for sale just for sharing :)

Lost scalesilver arowana growth rate

Blood Red From AKtiger fish image

Hi there everyone!

Competition grade ranchu


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    Fish suitable for keeping with swallow~