Out of black gold stingray and red dragon



Out of black gold stingray and red dragon

Cleaning, maintenance, installation, tank shifting, landscaping, fish tank cleaning, fish tank fish pond accessories, filtration system, heating system, lighting system, fish farming water potion, fish food, etc. of the major brand fish tanks in Guiyang urban areaYou call for inquiries.

  No retreat!Friends you like can come and see! Beads light up the whole body!Absolutely not a leopard seedling.Its okay to exchange fish!.

  Domestic maps are available in 20-25cm black and white, and the density in the tank is too large to transfer 3. The state is like a dog. Each size of 80 is more than 100 in the flower and bird market. I like to contact me to watch fish at home.

  The black-spotted water tiger was bought 2-2 in August this year.The 5cm seedlings are now 12-14cm and San Francisco 19cm.

  There are two pairs of black gold, a pair of 13-14 cm 1300 yuan, a red dragon 23-24 cm full product 2300, there is a problem with the gill cover 1200 yuan, over 25 centimeters 1800 yuan, and gold head over 25 centimeters 2500Yuan, interested to add WeChat to watch the video: wb057200.

  Reminder: 1.This information is published by the users of the investigation and classification, and its authenticity, legality, and validity are the responsibility of the publisher. The investigation and classification is only displayed for users to browse.2.Before trading or signing a contract, any deposit, security deposit, and transfers that require advance payment are risky. Beware of being deceived.Guiyang map fish related information

  由于要换品种 出鱼了 由于鱼有点多 现出五条鱼和高帆玛丽 鱼都是自己带大的 状态好 抢食凶 会追手 可以上门看鱼 不单出 只打包 不会养的可以教你养 限贵阳同城 不快递 不小刀 一口价.

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  Personally idle super white fish tank.60-40cm, the moss is not taken care of.Fish tank, stainless steel frame, lamp, filter, full set, only two hundred yuan.

  It sells some self-supporting large-scale food soil, Nixue, Guru ratio, sapphire, lords and other wild artificial ones, fish price, you can visit the fish to choose!Treatment 1.A 2m t5ho grass cylinder lamp, a set of Chuangxing cf800 and Sensen 603 in front!.

  What I want to deal with is that the fish tank on the picture is brand new and is turned when the door is turned.The width of 5 meters is about 39 cm!Filter at the bottom!With led lights!Intentional consultations such as cold-water fish tropical fish are available.

  Because raising the red dragon changed the black background, the tiger became dark and bright, so the special offer is now 600, and the luck is good.
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