South butterfly early is very important



South butterfly early is very important

South butterfly early is very important Purple-backed Arowana
Butterflies North and South, have their own characteristics.South play early, playing late North. The little guy has grown to 25cm.Currently not shoot the video alone. Fin has begun drawing.
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Yue Wu, from fish from the fish lovers say: This water thoroughly enough
000 North aquarists say: buy a butterfly koi those caveats, give talk about it
000 North aquarists say: your fish tank that is my goal, and I am ready to start a butterfly koi
707 882 582 aquarists said: Yes
Mood diving fish lovers say: elegant ^ _ ^
Panda burning incense aquarists grandfather said: landlord, this is what a cylindrical shape??
Ly flying fish lovers say: Yes
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