Green Pepper Red Dragon Buy a male over 20



Green Pepper Red Dragon Buy a male over 20

Buy a male over 20
=======The following is what Yuyou said=======
Yujun Tongle said: I wish to find it soon
Its pure Lehe said: If you have any ideas, you can contact us and send you a video
It is purely happy to say: there is a 25-27 cm male galaxy, are you interested?
498850454 said: I can also send a private letter
Long Er obediently said: I wish my wish to be reached soon
Feng qq said: buy if you like
Wandering qq said: no

Can the arowana be fed once every two days?/
Why did the dragon fish eat the centipede?~
Arowana eats a centipede every few days
How long will the dragon fish eat the centipede:
Creation and Magic Wolf Feed Formula(
Creation and Magic Advanced Feed Formula)
Encyclopedia of Creation and Magic Feed*
Arowana feeding centipede@
Would the dragon fish feed the centipede?#


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Polypterus ornatipinnis


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