which brand Submersible pump to get?



which brand Submersible pump to get?

hi need advise to get a silence pump for my ios, tank size 5 by 2 by 2.5
keeping one aro and some tfb.
abit budget cause current in amy...
thank in advance
Hi bro, high 5 i also looking around for a pump.. so i will camp here as well. I am currently using an EVO 08 pump 148 watts i think hahaha some bros who visitied me. I was recomended Jebao Eco.. but the shape is ermmm very submarine like, but i have contact which has a way better price than what LFS has to offer, do PM me.
I apologise if this is not allowed but i would declare that i am not related nor earn anything from the vendor.
>You might wanna consider rio pumps. Not too costly and quite durable. Any better you would have to look at european pumps.
>Bro, you can use Ehiem pump which is quite good. I am using Ehiem 1264 (used). Still going strong for me.
>Rio is the best pump to go with bro... silent, powerful and saves electricity..
>really too many to really recommend which is good..
no budget den get ehiem, otherwise the one commonly used by reef keepers, reef octopus water blaster
got budget den dymax 5000 or as mentioned Rio20 and above
>I am using Atman 106. Not bad.
>Yeah bro no budget get Ehiem. More silent than RIO. Had tried both .
Your tank 600l. Flow rate ard 3000-3500. Eheim 1642 or Rio HF 20
>thank for the advise... around how much the rio hf 20 cost and flow rate? ehiem is good but i it is to ex...
>and dymax 5000 price too thank
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