How to use big white film?Master to guide anxious



How to use big white film?Master to guide anxious

I am a novice, and now I have 5 dragons, 4 parrots, and 2 scavengers.In the past two days, I found white stool, what should I do?How to use big white film?Anxious!

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  Bermuda fish Say: 1 First of all, white stools are not necessarily enteritis (it is easy to eat shrimp, but it is not a health problem). You should observe the state of the fish first. If you do not delay white stools, you will have no problem if you are in good condition.If the fish is procrastinating, the appetite drops, and you dont like swimming, then you have to consider enteritis for a long time.It can be warmed up and treated with white flakes. If the fish still eats, the white flakes work best. After melting a large white flake in a small cup, soak the shrimp in the white flakes for 5 hours and then feed the shrimp.If you do not eat at all, you can follow the twenty two.Put 5L water into a large white tablet in proportion to the fish bath.At the same time, some mashed lactic acid bacteria tablets (sold, completely harmless and very cheap) can be added to the fish tank to promote gastrointestinal digestion and have a certain therapeutic effect on enteritis.Hope to help you, I wish your fish a quick recovery.
Yuyou 8016 Say: What can the white BB explain?
Tayuobaba Say: 22.5 liters, a good amount, for three consecutive days, change the water
Fish Friends zhangchao522 Say: Learn
Yuyou stupid NANA Say:
Yuyou Longer Say: If you eat, crumble the big white flakes into the food.If you have white, you can stop eating and observe for a few days
Yuyou Bridge weixin001 Say: Learn
Yuyou zp850621 Say: Stop eating and changing water and watch for a few days.
Yuyouzhj2711 Say: Hungry for a few days

How to use big white film?Master to guide anxious Brief introduction
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