I bought it for a month and I didnt say anything



I bought it for a month and I didnt say anything

I posted a picture post, everyone take a look
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Leehj Comment: Hello.How much are you on WeChat?My tiger does the same.Lets talk.I WeChat 13570865907
Gu Zao Lang Comment: Give the shopkeeper some points, try the shrimp he fed
Laugh_laugh Comments: Put a small piece of grass gold and cut off the tail.See if he eats or not.
jksxx comments: put a few small live fish, easy to speak
Longtan Tiger Cave 123 Comment: Today I ate a small piece of shrimp, very small shrimp, probably the size of a pearl milk tea, the size of a pearl, and I stopped eating it after eating a small piece.
Bored Mr. Niu Comment: Did you speak?
Pan Zhiqiang Comment: Buy more tigers to accompany him and put some live loach
Longtan Tiger Cave 123 Comments: It is a problem to transfer pictures Normal tour
Longtan Tiger Cave 123 Comments: Change the water often Change a little in 3 days
Longtan Tiger Cave 123 Comments: Recently, I have changed the water every time.
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Red ingot parrot fish starts:
Feeding method of red yuanbao fish
Yellow ingot parrot fish~
How to treat the bulging eye disease#
What"s wrong with the eyes of the God of Wealth$




vid and pics little Goldy development

Hi there everyone!

GOOD NEWS (: !!!!


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