How to use astaxanthin to feed parrot fish?



How to use astaxanthin to feed parrot fish?

4. Open your feed and pour them into this cardboard box. Be careful not to pour too much at a time, then shake it, sieve it, spread it evenly, and then spray the adjusted astaxanthin water on the side.Shake well, stir and make full contact;

  (1) First, adjust to high-end, then take a flat-bottomed plate, spread the wet feed evenly on it, first bake for 30 seconds, open, stir it, in order to fully dry, so that the feed will not get muddy, Very important, and only in this way is conducive to preservation.

  (2) Then close, bake for another minute, open, stir again and flatten, pinch whether the soft feed has become hard, close and bake for 30--40 seconds.Open it, let it dry completely, take it out, find a clean container, and put it in. If the air conditioner is turned on, put it in the air-conditioned room to further cool it.

  Blood parrots prefer soft water with weak acidity and low hardness.Because the blood parrots congenital lips cannot be closed, the ability to control the water flow is poor, the water flow through the gills is small, and the ability to exchange oxygen with the gills by the water flow is much worse than that of its male and female parents and other fish.Therefore, the water body that feeds blood parrots must have sufficient oxygen.The aquarium is best equipped with biochemical filter cotton, water pump, and aeration equipment.The specific indicators are about pH 6.5 and dissolved oxygen 8 mg/L.

  Blood parrots have a strong adaptability to temperature, and can live freely at a water temperature of 20 to 300C.However, blood parrots are quite sensitive to temperature. In the case of low water temperature and drastic changes in water temperature, it is easy to produce a stress response and cause the body color to dim and lose its gorgeous luster, and even black stripes or markings may appear.It is best to keep the water temperature in the range of 25 ~ 28 ℃ during feeding. The temperature difference between before and after each water change should not exceed 0.5 ℃.

  Blood parrots have mixed eating habits, artificial bait, flakes, granules, red worms, brine shrimp, water lice and so on. They eat almost everything, and they are quite greedy. Therefore, it is easy to feed blood parrots, and to breed healthy and colorful bloodParrots are not easy.Feed the bait regularly and quantitatively every day, reasonably match the nutrition of the bait, feed the fresh shrimp and fish regularly, it is best to use artificial bait specially prepared for the blood parrot, this kind of added astaxanthin and D type carrotsDirect feeding is not only convenient but also makes the body color of the blood parrot more bright and beautiful.

How to use astaxanthin to feed parrot fish? Pearl Stingray
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