XB Arowana



XB Arowana

Sharing my newest auction catch from bro Civic81
His tail fin dropped when transferring him luckily is whole fin gone or else have to cut.
Comments are welcomed
Good catch bro.
Must be heart pain ah...
>Very busy tank. Very heart pain siaz!
>Feel pain for you and your fish. Wishing the fish a speedy recovery
>U made your xb so unique hahaha. Hope it recover soon!
>Hopefully grow back become big fan tail.
>Sad for the tail... But nice xb... Groom well...
>You may want to consult the experts if you want the tail to grow back and look normal. Not sure if should cut the whole tail off and let the whole thing grow out together in one piece. I had one that broke just the first tail-fin bone from the bottom and when it grew back, could not reach the length of the rest of the tail and was limp.
>Contrag on your new catch, bro.
Hope the tail will grow back nicely for this beautiful fish under your TLC.

XB Arowana Silverfish>Sad to see half tail broken, transfer aro should use bigger bag and ensure the transfer temperature not too high.
Before you transfer any types of aro, make sure the aro is stop feeding for at least 2~3 days and off the heater for over night if you are using it.
Hope this advise could help you in future aro transferring wish your aro can recovery well.
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