Would you buy these as ST ?



Would you buy these as ST ?

Would you pay thousands for these 2 fish, ST ?
YEs pass...
>As long as i find the fish attractive and within my budget and means and of course its needs, i would. For DATS specifically i prefer symm.. 3 bar 4 bar doesnt matter as long as clean and sym. My opinion 3 bars for bars are just branded by us hobbyist.. a victim of our own device. I never understood why 3 bar IT cost almost 2x more.. perhaps closer to its 3 bar counterpart ST. well whatever it is buy within your means as long as happy can already.
Just my personal opinion ya no hard feelings, i come in peace lol
>It depends on the price.
Personally, I wouldnt mind paying over 1k sing for it....as it is a genuine ST
>$2k or below I will buy if its a genuine ST .
>nope.. will look for better 1..
>$1-2k can buy. Now hard to get smaller ST, stone long time never bring in.
>Originally Posted by Pisces134 Would you pay thousands for these 2 fish, ST ? Bro, you buy liao I go your place drip saliva can?
>I would not paid thousands for it. Thats my personal take.
>I will skip these two pieces
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