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Albino Koala Sanda Martial Arts School Service Platform

The reason why Sanda has strong appeal and vitality is determined by its own characteristics and functions. Sports Sanda sports have experienced many difficulties, contradictions and resistances from preliminary research to pilot development, from experience summary to nationwide promotion, to becoming a modern sports competition.The main problem is that Sanda competitions are very different from peoples imagined forms of martial arts freehand fighting. Some people even think that Sanda is not a martial art, but only "boxing plus leg strike".Because the popular folk martial arts fighting is generally considered to be self-defense and self-defense, it attracts enemies; or as described in movies, television, and martial arts novels, it is impersonal and impenetrable.This is a misunderstanding caused by the martial arts in many forms with the illusion of exaggeration.在现代文明社会中,我们不能让散手在狭窄的拼杀中去生存,应把武术之精华溶入 散打图册 散打图册(5张) 简单易行的运动形式,

Red Eye, White Seed, Yellow Flower and Yinlong

Red Eye, White Seed, Yellow Flower and Yinlong

不仅能自卫还能强身Only in this way can there be a wide range of vitality and can we truly move towards society and the world.Therefore, after testing and demonstrating, the original State Sports Commission Wushu Academy believed that the technique of Sanda was to strengthen physical fitness, exchange skills, self-defense and self-defense, and improve the technical level as the starting point.Combining martial arts in sports. Due to the correct decision and proper methods, the Sanshou movement can be smoothly developed and promoted. From the perspective of the modern form of Sanda, Sanda is basically the same as other sports and belongs to sports, but it also reflects the special nature of martial arts-martial arts.Sex, at the same time, is clearly distinguished from martial arts that cause injury and disability. It does not include techniques that cause death.The Sanda rules strictly stipulate that it is not allowed to attack the opponents back, neck, and crotch, nor is it allowed to use reverse joint movements and elbow and knee techniques, but various techniques of martial arts can be used. 对抗性 散打运动的内在特点,决定了它以相互对抗的形式来表现,Albino Koala 所以散打的基本形式就是对抗性,


这种对抗是在双方掌握了散打的基本动作和基本技术;经过一段的训练,在In the absence of a fixed format, be more skillful, courageous, and wise within the limits prescribed by the rules. Nationality Wushu Sanda is an excellent cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. It is gradually evolved and developed under the specific social and historical conditions of China. Therefore, it has distinctive national characteristics. Chinese Sanda is different from Western boxing, and it is also different from Taekwondo; it is more different from Muay Thai that uses leg blows, elbow hits, knee tops, and judo that cannot be kicked, but can only be used, mixed, and captured; due to the competition of SandaThe competition is different from Western countries free fight with ropes; it is also different from Japanese karate, sumo, kick boxing, martial arts, and French kick boxing.Wushu Sanda requires "distant kicking, near kicking, and close throwing." Its national form is not solidified, nor can it be understood as "past form" or "historical form."The national form has a distinctive epochal nature, so the form is not single, but changes and evolves. 级别编辑 段位表 段前级 青熊猫 银熊猫 金熊猫 初级段 一段(青鹰) 二段(银鹰) 三段(金鹰) 中级段 四段(青虎) 五段(银虎) 六段(金虎) 高级段 七段(青龙) 八段(银龙) 九段(金龙)
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