Orange Red Arowana In reality



Orange Red Arowana In reality

Always in the dream, always in the reality, in me, you can see that Meiyu has no location information
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Favorite tank comment: The golden dragon of the spoon head?Or a red dragon?
a Fenghua Zhengmao Comment: Change the red light
Three years comment: elegant

zizai Comment: Fatty body is strong, seven fins are wide!!
K617mErD Comment: Domineering
Longcheng Xiaobu Comments: so expensive
TZmSd577 beautiful music with a domineering dragon suit seamlessly
zp850621 Comment: Good shape.
Tu Le Players-Fate is Deep Me Comments: Nirvana Clas
Feed the fish crazy comment: 7 fins of the cow
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Red Dragon Temperature!
What brands of lobster feed^
Arowana heating up
What is good for red dragon%
Red Arowana temperature 33 degrees@


nature of business list malaysiaSgs F1 L

just my simple shrimp tank

what do tiger fish eatLumps on altums

Type of brackish fishes

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  • 2022-07-19 16:50:07

    Baiziguan saury with arowana: