Ibaka fish Send with a heartache within the Dragon



Ibaka fish Send with a heartache within the Dragon

Send with a dragon within, heartache, disease-free willing paradise!
Ibaka fish Send with a heartache within the Dragon Polypterus ornatipinnis
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
I am proud, I am proud, because I am Chinese mermaid lovers say: sad
Dragons home aquarists say: Unfortunately,
Side of the sun aquarists have said: quarantine is still necessary
Qq wandering fish lovers say: Unfortunately,
Flying fish 001 fish lovers say: This is a pity, fish so pretty
liangyitank aquarists say: What causes it
Civilian players aquarists say: You can not mess Hey, wild fish, cold water fish more than a worm, and China are very hard fighting fish bones
How long can dragon fish whiskers grow——
What if the dragon fish"s whiskers are broken·
The arowana"s body suddenly bends
What if little red dragon has a curved beard!
Wave making pump blows arowana whiskers*


My Arowana comm

Sharing my Bristlenose.

Chilbanjara arowana fishi Red Tanning

Competition grade ranchu

Albino DANTUMs to usher in the CNY!


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    Arowana feeds bread worms to dry or live bread worms"

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    How much feed does the goldfish feed at once$