Everyone help see how much black gold is worth



Everyone help see how much black gold is worth

Do you guys help to see the value? The merchant said it is 1500 and it is relatively close to black and white.Attached to the mother on the first floor
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
Li Zhaoweixin Comment: Have time to bargain and buy it back for everyone to picture
Longer Obedient Comment: Okay
Flurry in the wind Comments: Look at the black gold I bought, the male 800, the female 1200.The public 1200 can be started, the mothers forget it, buy it online
Longer Obedient Comment: En
Furnace hooks hot face Comments: dont understand
Longer obediently Comment: Um

Everyone help see how much black gold is worth Green Pepper Red DragonLonger Obedient Comment: See how you like it
Li Zhaoweixin Comments: How much can start
Fisher ¥¥¥People Comments: dont know
Longer obediently Comment: Public talk again
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Jinlong and what fish are mixed(
Red parrot fish and what fish are mixed#
Blood parrot fish and what fish are polycultured@
Lucky Catfish and Arowana%


Harvesting on a wet Vesak day morning.

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