High-back Arowana What should I pay attention to as a fish tank agent?



High-back Arowana What should I pay attention to as a fish tank agent?

This is okay, there are businesses abroad.The manufacturer in Guangzhou is called Guangzhou Jujin Aquarium. You can get the exclusive agency right for his aquarium. It is a city where you can do it alone. The starting point is not high. There is no joining or agency fees.As long as the second purchase meets their requirements, it is said to be around 30,000 to 50,000.The cost of entering the fish tank for the first time depends on whether it is a second-tier city or a second-tier city.

  There are many successful cases, and there is a lot of room for price selection, ranging from a hundred to thousands of fish tanks.I think if a user really buys a fish tank in your store, as long as he is fancy with the price, it should not be a problem, because the price gives him too much choice, he can buy a thousand yuan for less, and a few thousand more for the money.Tens of thousands, hehe.If the products cannot be sold, they can be returned to them at any time and replaced with new products. This is also very good!Dont worry that the goods you bought are not easy to sell!

  Not easy to sell!
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