New outdoor pool

Teachers, I am a novice. I have been diving for half a month. I fell in love with koi carp.Insufficient experience, many places are still confused, because the pool has been dug, the construction is in a hurry, I would like to invite teachers, especially the Rose King, to give pointers to avoid building the pool for the first time, leaving regrets.

   The size of the pool is 3m*3m, the ratio is about 3:1, and the water depth is 1.1 meter, the filter pool is 60 cm wide and 4 meters long. Problems to be solved:

   1. Is there a flying saucer and fish toilet in the center of the pool?

   2. A clean water pump is needed to reach the rockery surface 1.5 meters; because there are osmanthus trees by the pool, after the flowers bloom, there are fruits (1 cm*1 cm) and leaves falling into the pool, the slag performance of the sewage pump is stronger; a circulation pump (the dead water wellhead is closed because of the rockery,In order to facilitate maintenance, you can only choose to place the circulating pump on the ground), consult the brand and applicable power of each pump, mainly the power.

   3. Do you need to paint the sink in the main tank and the filter tank?

   4. What is the diameter of the bottom pipe from each bin to the sewage bin and the main tank to the sewage bin?


   I wanted to ask for a message, but the novice level was too low, and the teacher could not be contacted. Please enlighten me. Thank you!

   You can contact me by private letter!

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  Koi first met Say: 1 It is also a pool, envious and jealous!
Yuyou 13651265559 Say: 1 Expect results
Yuyou love sad Say: This is a big project
Yuyou main material Say: I am also a novice, but if you study the stickers of Rose King carefully, you will gain
Yuyouyan 980415 Say: No answer from master, please give pointers!

Yuyou ℃ below zero Say: Support toss
Yuyouren001002006 Say: Envy jealous praise
Yuyouren001002006 Say: Envy jealous praise
Yuyou God Restricted Zone S Say: Study
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