Two dragons started fighting in less than an hour



Two dragons started fighting in less than an hour

Both dragons are close to 30 centimeters. They were fighting in less than an hour after they were put in the tank. I also had three silver dragons. Thinking of them playing the silver dragons, who knows that they are fighting each other and the scales are gone.The tail is also dry, I 1.The tank of 8 is now isolated for the two of them, and I dont know when the three dragons will be mixed!
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L-H-R Comment: This fight is really tragic.
Rui Shigen Comment: Mixed fighting is normal
Poetry, poetry and self-satisfaction in the stomach Comment: The rice is big enough~~Maybe if some fish friends say that the density is not enough~
13994386758 Comment: All are grumpy, separate it
Aman qq comment: How could this be?
I used to like tossing Comments: This Silver Dragon doesnt work.
ddemco comment: Why do you have to raise a silver dragon, girl, dont do this, raise a good one and concentrate on experiencing the dragons changes
Learn from the Great God Comment: If you hit it for sure, you have to hit it even after a period of time and you have to remove the bezel.Unless you are cruel, make a difference
Longer obediently comment: mixed breeding will be ruthless
Overhead pan fried rice Comment: Polyculture is to keep adding fish and reducing fish
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