【Special Topic】Expert Advisory Group of Construction Fellows of Dawan District Zhejiang Province



【Special Topic】Expert Advisory Group of Construction Fellows of Dawan District Zhejiang Province

"Our tuna industry development is subject to technical bottlenecks such as difficulty in freshness preservation and low level of deep processing, and the industry chain is short and narrow. The market for high-end fresh and refined products of tuna at home and abroad has long been occupied by foreign companies. It can be said that Chinas tuna processing has always beenAt the end of the international tuna market industrial chain.Deng Shanggui said that under such circumstances, it is difficult for us to see fresh tuna in the aquatic market including Hangzhou.

  "Remember the Double Eleven in 2015?Ma Yun photographed a Japanese-made bluefin tuna weighing 68 kilograms at a price of 38,888 yuan for the employees of Alibaba."Deng Shanggui said that a dozen years ago, many people had not heard of tuna.

  "As soon as we caught a boat from the sea, we immediately bleed and quick freeze.After adopting the new preservation technology, a 50 to 100 kg tuna can reduce the temperature of the center of the fish body to ultra-low temperature in the shortest time, to ensure that the living cells of the fish are not damaged, and to ensure nutrition and freshness.Deng Shanggui said that the previous technology could not meet the standard of raw food because of the insufficient cooling rate.With the new technology, tuna is directly frozen into the ultra-low temperature cold storage of the fishing boat after being frozen at ultra-low temperature, and then transported to the ultra-low temperature cold storage on the shore. Then, in a fully enclosed cold storage workshop, the inedible skin and flesh are removed, and finally enter the end market through logistics.That is our dining table.

  So, what is the story behind the growth of the fish terminal?The reporter interviewed Deng Shanggui, the dean of the School of Food and Medicine of Zhejiang Ocean University and a doctoral tutor. He is the leader of the provinces key discipline "aquatic product processing and storage engineering".Taking the increasing number of tuna in the Hangzhou market as an example, he introduced the continuous advancement of preservation technology.

  The "Fish Terminal" column launched by the Qianjiang Evening News on February 17, 1995 lasted more than two years, and was regularly written by Bian Tao and other reporters from the Economic Special Issues Department at the time.

  It is precisely because of this new technology that tuna flakes from the East China Sea can now be bought in Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places. "Even many online platforms have begun to sell such tuna flakes."Deng Shanggui said.

  After a lapse of 24 years, the Qianjiang Evening News reporter once again squatted at the "fish dock", which is todays aquatic product market. What impressed me most is that todays market is becoming more and more diverse.

  The story of Deng Shanggui and tuna started a few years ago.In January 2017, the key technology and industrialization of the tuna quality fidelity and deep processing developed by his team won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

  At that time, economic reports mostly focused on vegetable baskets, but some new trends in the urban consumer field have been quietly awakened, and the consumer scenes that have brought the public are also upgraded, such as street night stalls and night tea shops.At that time, the Economic Special Issue Department had a topic selection meeting and talked about the largest aquatic products wholesale market in Hangzhou-Longxiangqiao Fish Market. I heard that it was very lively in the early morning, but the specific scene including reporters, most people in Hangzhou did not really seebeen.

  The "Fish Terminal" column once became a living map for people in Hangzhou searching for fish on the table.It not only writes about the fish market, fish news, and fish prices, but also writes interesting scenes of reporting and bargaining in the fish market. It is more about writing and more interesting. In fact, it is about writing people.The story of the stall owner and other people, as well as the different styles of the citys fish terminal.

  "In Zhoushan, Zhejiangs main seafood production and processing place, fishermen started fishing for tuna more than ten years ago, and then there were more processing enterprises."Deng Shanggui said.It was also at that time that his research team saw worrisome problems in this craze: All along, the export of tuna to Zhejiang, including Zhoushan aquatic products processing enterprises, is mainly based on semi-finished products, such as removing tuna,Fish bones are removed from bones and tails, and then exported for processing.

  The Hangcheng aquatic product market has changed due to urban development.From Jiangcun and Jinjiang to Nongdu and Gouzhuang, in the past 20 years, with the rapid development of logistics and freezing technology, the small and scattered fish terminals in the past have gradually disappeared on the banks of the river.There are few, and the majority of fish that take the dry road and air transport.The Qianjiang Evening News reporter has been recording their stories in detail for readers.On April 1, this year, the 23-year-old relocation of the aquatic fish market opened. The large-scale aquatic wholesale market in Hangzhou gathers at a new site. It supplies the freshest seafood and fish from all over the country every day.page.

  "In fact, there are many stories of such technological breakthroughs.It is precisely because of such hard stories behind them that in todays aquatic products market, there are more aquatic products of various categories."Deng Shanggui said that fish preservation is a non-stop issue, "because everyone has higher and higher requirements for fresh fish."

  On a cold winter night, at 1 a.m., our reporter Bian Tao came to the Longxiang Bridge Fish Market under the cold wind.On the hundred-meter-long Dongpo Road, the lights were on and the vocals were noisy. The fish car was coming and the fish market was on.At 4 oclock in the morning, when the fish market was the busiest, fishmongers from various vegetable farms were coming to the fish market.The reporter interviewed overnight until 8 oclock in the morning, and the Longxiangqiao fish market gradually dispersed.The scenes in the middle of the night were vividly recorded by reporters.

  After the columns were published, they were well received by readers.At that time, the level of intensification of the aquatic market was low, and many fish markets were distributed around the suburbs, and most of the old Hangzhou people did not know.The reporters inquired about the scattered fish terminals and went to survey and interview one by one in the middle of the night.For example, Genshanmen Marine Seafood Wholesale Market, Jingfangs aquaculture farm, East Chinas largest frozen food wholesale market-Hangzhou Meat Union Factory Frozen Food Wholesale Market, Yuhang Jiangcun and Gudang Yifang Temple Fish Market Wholesale Area, Fuyang Town RiversideNanmen Pier Fish Market and so on.In the old city, "Selling Fish Under the Fish Bridge" wrote the fish market in old Hangzhou; while in the "New Fish Market by the Suo Bridge", the reporter wrote a small fish pier at the Suo Bridge on Hushu North RoadThe fish sold there is cheaper and fresher than in the vegetable farm. People from far away from Nanxing Bridge also come here to buy fish.
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