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After playing with the Golden Dragon for two years, I finally upgraded the Red Dragon. Lets talk about the quality.
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Dont worry. Comment: Very good!

Upgraded SlicefishBrother Yukeng, is this a pure white lamp?
Beijing Laoning Comment: Good appearance!Cant afford
Does the blood parrot feed the silver dragon to eat?*
The ancient ark pterosaur of Ark never fell to the ground~
Ark Arowana@
Can Yinlong feed,
Why Arowana saves money"
Red Dragon has never eaten feed pellets/
Ark Survival Evolution Arowana#
Red dragon fish is better to eat feed or shrimp:
Why arowana fish?
How often does the silver arowana feed)


aquariums in californiaArowana deformiti

Arowana vitalizer black water

sbrtc lovers fall in!!!

Queen's Sail

Hongyun is the first Siraitia grouper


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    Can the dragon fish tail grow out after being bitten?: